14/9/2021 – The thinker-doers

Sometimes we just kinda do stuff for no other reason than it is in front of us and that’s fine, however, what I’ve realised is, things don’t happen by accident. Thinking back to the times where anything meaningful has happened in my life, it has been a result of things I’ve done in the past that made it happen. Recently I have been floating the idea of exploring what I think my weaknesses are. I had been operating on the assumption that I was bad at these things without even giving them a fair shot. For example: I never considered myself a coder or ‘software guy’ but rather the person that knows the vision for what to build, however, if I think back to times where I built something (writing a automation bot or otherwise), it was immensely satisfying, rewarding and I could actually do it. Part of me might’ve been avoiding it because its hard? Not sure but there is something appealing about creating something from nothing.

There are 3 questions I’m trying to answer:

  1. What are the things that if we continue to do, will set us up for failture in the future? –> I need to research and learn
  2. Knowing that these things exist, what can I contribute to this cause? –> I need skills
  3. Now I think I know the problems and what I can contribute, what am I going to do? –> action

It’s interesting when looking at things and building from the ground up. Structurally, the world is built on foundations. Foundations of atoms, governing behaviours outside of our control, the environment and nature. As our society developed, we have created our own structures that live a layer above these.

Things I’m pursuing now:

  1. Languages, in the traditional sense and coding
    1. Relearning Chinese, the ability to write, read and speak
    2. Python, creating something from nothing with code
  2. Fundamental knowledge about how the world is structured
    1. Physics, chemistry, biology


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