12/9/2021 – Living at the edge of your capabilities. Chaos and control.

As our life is an aggregate of all the decisions we made and did not make; how we make our decisions is vital. We have all seen the Ying and Yang symbol, where the black is usually depicted as evil and the white as good. The basic interpretation is that there is a little bit a good in evil and a little bit of bad in good. I look at it a different way.

When living my life, I base my decisions on 2 things. First is my regret minimisation framework, i.e. making the choice that will result in the least regret in the future and second, am I living at the edge of my capabilities? I look at the black as chaos and the white as control. When we are stable, there is a lot of control. Things are familiar to you, routines are solid, there is a lot of certainty. When things are unstable, there is not a lot of control but an abundance of chaos. Living in each one of these extremes is detrimental for growth because if you’re always in control, you never try anything new and if you’re always in chaos, you don’t even have the opportunity or baseline to start growing.

Living at the edge of capabilities

This is why I strive to live on the line. Where things are somewhat stable but also somewhat out of control. This is where the real growth is happening. Living at the place where I’m not really sure what the outcome might be or whether I will succeed or not but going through the trials and tribulations to find out if I will.

The Mandarin Meaning of Yin Yang Philosophy

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