11/9/2021 – Things I learnt from moving out for 3 months and things I wish I knew

After ‘officially’ moving out from my parents house I have been living alone for the last 3 months. Granted it was during the height of a lockdown, the experience I’ve had has been incredible. Here are somethings I wish I knew and things I learnt from moving out.

Paying rent sucks but net/net the life experience earned makes it worth it

Every fortnight rent comes out of my account. It sucks; if you consider only the rent. When you look at it in the aggregate, gaining life experience, learning personal management and creating a vision of how I want to live my day to day without any parental input is liberating.

Bigger rooms and more space means more cleaning

I opted for a 2 bedroom apartment so I could sleep in one and make the other an office. This has turned out reasonably as expected, however, I didn’t anticipate the additional cleaning that was required.

Note to self: Can I get my ideal set-up with less space? If so, do it.

Doing chores once a week by chunking them together

When living at my parents, dishes would get washed, clothes cleaned and the boring stuff taken care of. This is definitely not the case when living alone. Washing dishes sucks, doing the laundry sucks but if they don’t get done, I have no plates to eat with and no clothes to wear. When I initially moved in, I brought the minimal amount of clothes and dishes I thought I would need, however, the dishes were not enough. I found myself washing them every 2nd meal and it was just too much of a hassle. So I bought a stack of plates and cups so now I only need to do them once a week. I’ve found that chunking all the cleaning/house hold chores like groceries, vacuuming, etc, into a slot of time during the week has saved me so much time.

Takeaway: Save time cleaning by chunking them all together and doing it once a week

Finding my next place to live

I fully intend of living in a couple of different places before evaluating whether I want to buy a place and ‘settle down’. I’m currently at a potential cross roads in my career when domestic relocation is possible and international relocation possible in a few years. One of life goals is to ‘slow travel’ and experience cultures around the world. What I realised is, closer to the city, the higher the $/space. Looking for the next place will be around what amount of commute time I can tolerate and maximising the $/space I’m getting.

Quality over quantity

I am not a big spender. I spend a reasonable amount of time evaluating things I need and really scrutinising the purchase before following-through. I think I have come to a pretty robust decision making criteria. It stems from 2 things – how frequently will I use it and what is value of the use case? The first example I can think of is the electric tooth brush I bought. As a person who uses the cheap $5 toothbrushes for the majority of his life, buying a tooth brush for $100 is absurd. However, I use it every day and you only get 1 set of teeth, so investing the money to take care of them is worth it.

Takeaway: when making decisions, consider what value this purchase will bring and how often will you use it? If the benefit outweighs the cost, its a no brainer decision

Proximity to places matters a lot

Since lockdown started around 2-3 months ago, I have only driven a handful of times and filled my car up once. I’m been walking a lot to places surrounding my area and theres a rediscovered appreciation for things when walking. Slow down and appreciating the layout of things, the design and why things the way they are. Also, being able to walk down and grab a coffee instead of getting into the car and driving somewhere is great. Things to consider:

  • How close are you to the shops?
  • How close are you to parks or walking trails?

Sound …

Before deciding to move into my current place, I didn’t consider its proximity to the street but it quickly became something to consider for my next place. I’m directly facing the street and 3 levels above ground. I didn’t register this as a concern but the street noise is incredibly annoying. It impacts my sleep but luckily there is a 9pm curfew on so the overall car noise is reduced.

Note to self: If close to the main road/any road, check if the windows are double-glazed/layered.

Bad neighbours can ruin everything. Conversely, good neighbours can make things great

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been incidents with a select few people in my building that involved the cops. These interactions occurred at 1am on weeknights and disturb the entire neighbourhood. With that being said, there are a few people in the building that are extremely friendly and just trying to live their lives. Get a feel for the people around the area before deciding to move.


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