6/9/2021 – Ideas don’t come out fully formed

So I have been writing short to medium lengths posts for the last 20 days and it has really taught me a lot. One of the lessons is to just put your idea out into the world in the best way you know how. Recently, people have reached out to me about some of the posts I’ve written (education system and personal branding) because they aligned with my thoughts or that the content of the post generated thoughts they hadn’t considered previously. This has generated discussions and opportunities that previously couldn’t have existed if I hadn’t written the post in the first place. It really ties into one of my values which is, ‘together we achieve more’.

TLDR: Ideas don’t come out fully formed, share them with the world in the best way you know how and put yourself in a position to be found by like-minded people and be willing and open to work together to a common goal.

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