4/9/2021 – Why personal branding is more important than ever

As the world becomes more and more globalised with developing countries entering ‘developed’ status, competition for jobs will become more and more fierce. Previously bachelor degrees were introduced to help students differentiate themselves amongst their peers but now a larger portion of students are graduating with bachelors and people are looking for other avenues to differentiate themselves. In countries such as India, it is not uncommon for students to complete a bachelors and immediately move onto an MBA because these students see an MBA as a necessity to be relevant/competitive in their job market. Now, couple this with social media platforms with millions of daily active users and thousands of new sign ups everyday, we end up with a society with similar profiles and backgrounds. Which begs the question: how do you stand out? Enter, personal branding.

What do people think about when they think about your name?

Whenever people engage with social media platforms, they are creating a digital foot print. Before meeting them in person you can see what they do for fun via their instagram, what their professional status and background is from Linkedin, their opinions on areas they care about via their twitter feed. It is easier than ever to create an online presence, however, when everyone has one, what makes yours different? This is where the idea of having a consolidated platform that embodies your values, your story and who you are comes into play. When you think of the biggest brands in the world, certain words, emotions and thoughts manifest in your mind. For example: when you think about Nike, you automatically think about ‘Just Do It’, sports and competition, pushing boundaries, etc. they have crafted this branding over many, many years. I believe this is where society is now with social media. When people think about your name, what comes to mind? Do they know your values, do they know your story, if not, can they find it somewhere?


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