2/9/2021 Being comfortable with being uncomfortable – the start of the YouTube journey

Humans communicate in various different ways. Through the written word, through voice and verbal communication and through seeing and touching. Recently, WordPress has been an incredible creative outlet for my writing juices but a hunger to produce video content has been growing. Let today be the first day I ‘officially’ pursue YouTube with the hopes of documenting my journey (visually) and providing tremendous value to my audience and the market.

I’m scared … and that’s okay

The fear of the unknown is definitely a strong feeling but the fear of regret is even stronger. One of the reasons why I want to document the journey is having the ability to look back, at a moment in time in the past, and see the type of person I was, how much I’ve grown and the memories I’ve shared with people. Now, I have more questions than answers at the moment but everyone starts somewhere.

Letting the market decide value

What gives me the audacity to make these videos? Why people would people watch me? What if no one watches my videos? What if a lot of people watch me videos, how will I handle it? How do I make a good video that people want to watch, consistently?

A lot of questions, not a lot of answers – but that’s OKAY (acknowledging this fear and ambiguity is allowing me to push forward). After complementing details of every step of the process, I’ve arrived at 1 question that allows me to make progress: What do I know that is valuable to the market? I want to avoid the preachy ‘you should do this’ type of videos and focus on, ‘my experiences, what I did, what worked for me, what I learned, what I would do differently’ types of videos. Building on from the question of value and the market; I will never know if its good or bad unless I put content out into the world and letting the market decide. If good, then produce more, if not good, still produce but less frequently if I enjoy it.

It’s been a bumpy road thus far and I understand that it won’t get easier from here, however, my mindset has shifted from perfection at every step to progress at all costs. Couple this with the idea of building in public gives me the courage to create content on YouTube.


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