31/8/2021 – Let the market decide

Whenever doing something new there is always a lingering sense of the unknown and opportunity for failure but by reframing the potential to fail as an opportunity to improve it metaphorically unleashes the chains to creativity and increasing the potential for innovation.

Building in public – an iterative approach to innovation

Personally, this is a fairly new concept to me. I’ve been the type of person to try my best to perfect whatever I’m doing behind closed doors before showcasing it to the public, however, after reading ‘show your work’ by Austin Kleon where he says creativity is rarely an individual endeavour but rather a group effort, it enabled me to reframe the potential for failure as the opportunity to improve. This has been incredibly helpful to be courageous and put myself and my content out into the world to decide whether its good or bad.

Leveraging the overwhelmingly positive aspects of Social media

I haven’t been the most active person on social media. From a business perspective, when the business isn’t selling a product, you are a product and I fundamentally had an issue with this. I didn’t want to be ‘used’ as a product for businesses. Additionally, these platforms thrive on engagement from users, i.e. the longer you stay on the app, the better it is for business, and so they deploy mechanisms to keep you hooked for as long as possible. Lastly, an overload of instant gratification left doing deep but slow work very unrewarding. For all these reasons, I missed the benefits of social media.

What is the benefit of social media? Leverage. Social media enables us to communicate with people in a many to one relationship. When we post, comment, like, share, we are communicating asynchronously, where our actions aren’t tied to the time of the individual and therefore leveragable. Where else can you talk to potentially thousands of people within seconds?


  1. Reframing an opportunity for failure as an opportunity to improve has released my chains for creativity and innovation.
  2. By letting the market decide the quality of content I can focus solely on producing the best content I can and sharing it.
  3. Social media has its pros and cons so manage the cons and utilise the shit out of the pros


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