30/8/2021 – What if … Leveraging the power of imagination

All great things stem from someone seeing something that doesn’t exist and manifesting their vision and working backwards to create it in the world. Before we can start finding answers, we need to start by finding questions. Great, specific, well-thought out questions lead concrete, tangible and powerful answers but if you ask vague, off-the-cuff questions, you will get trivial and meaningless answers; shit in, shit out. This is where we can leverage the power of imagination and the power of asking ‘what if…’.

Stop. Take a breathe. Look away from this post and at a blank space on the wall or out the window for 10 seconds, then come back to reading. When was the last time you stopped and pondered your thoughts? When was the last time you really considered something that has been lingering at the back of your mind? With screens being every where we go (phones, laptops, tablets, TV’s) it is hard to have space to sit and think. This is starting to become a problem for society as it is only through deep thought and pseudo-day dreaming that ideas (that don’t exist on the surface) come to life. This is the power of imagination.


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