18/8/2021 Be good at being bad, a beginner’s mindset

Everyone starts somewhere

If you had asked me 6 months ago what I would be doing today during my days, I would’ve never said researching how to make great content, how to share my experiences with others in a compelling and engaging way. I am definitely outside my comfort zone after working so long in corporate (5+ years). At first, there was a voice at the back of my mind saying, ‘what are you doing, go back to doing your job’ and a constant fight to keep going and pursuing content creation because it feels like its the right thing to do. After looking how people started on WordPress and YouTube alike, they didn’t have the best equipment, they didn’t have massive teams around them, their brand wasn’t known, the production wasn’t polished BUT what they all had was perseverance and a growth mindset to make their videos a LITTLE better every day. They used what equipment they had and made do, and kept going. As I continue down this path, I have to remember that everyone before me had to experience the same thing.

Letting the importance of the task drive

This is a weird one. I’ve found that ‘living external’ of myself has allowed me to ‘give myself’ to a task or a project that I’m focused on. By doing this, I sort of take an ‘alter-ego’ of sorts where the things I do are solely determined by what needs to be done. When giving a presentation to an audience, I say to myself ‘I’m a presenter’ and embody what a good presenter is, similar to YouTube videos, ‘I’m a YouTuber’, engaging, well spoken, consistent delivery of value. It’s funny because when this happens, things like, other people’s opinion, the fear of embarrassment, fear of regret, they all fall away in the face of the importance of the task.

I’m really enjoying writing these documentations every day. It’s help me deep-dive into, what starts out as a surface thought, but ends up becoming ‘real’ when writing it down, to me anyway.



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