17/8/2021 – Great content is the only thing that matters

Remember what’s important depends on the stage of the journey you’re at

Being new to content creation I find myself thinking about things that will be important later but not important given my current stage in the journey. I’ve been thinking about: scene composition (backdrops), transitions, equipment (lighting, audio and visual quality), how many times I’m going to post, etc. These things are important to ME but are secondary in relation to the quality of the content.

Why am I thinking about the small things instead of trying to make great content even though I know its the MOST important thing?

Because it’s hard. I have to admit that to myself. After looking at other peoples blogs and watching behind the scenes on how YouTube videos are made, it is incredibly naive for me to think that I can film something in 20 minutes, post it and have it be good. This is flawed thinking. If I want to make good content, I need to put in the time, learn the skills and practice good habits.

Focus on putting out great content and everything else will follow

Who is the audience that is reading your post or watching your video? What questions do they have? What answers are they expecting by watching that video you posted? What SPECIFIC question does your video answer for your targeted and non-targeted audience?

Brainstorming content ideas:

I want to share my experiences because there are people out there that might get value from them, similar to how I get value from experiences other people go through. People are coming to blogs and YouTube for answers. ‘Lost in my 20s, what should I do?’ –> google search, YouTube search, ask friends. Similar things like this.


  • Age – I’m 25, its a period of finding yourself, understanding where you fit in to the world.
    • My experiences with my 20s;
    • X lessons I learnt about 25
    • How to leverage being young
      • What does it mean to be young? Bring in the energy, time, money (resources triangle), take about statistics, men peak around age X, health problems for people over X. How older people perceive young people. Understanding people on a human level.
    • A message to myself in the future
  • Income – I’m earning 6 figures. I guess when you tie them together, age 25 and six figures it isn’t something a lot of people have done and everyone wants to know how to make more money
    • SIX FIGURE SERIES | (Skills, knowledge, practical tips)
    • The most important skill I learnt that _____ me to earn 6 figures at 25
    • Day in the life of _____
    • How I structure my day // week // month to get the most done
    • What gaming taught me that ____ // How gaming led to ____
  • Tertiary education status: No bachelors. 25, 6 figures, no bachelors.
  • Living arrangement – living alone, recently moved out of parents house.
    • Things I wish I knew before moving out and living solo
    • What I learnt about living alone after a month
    • Essential skills for living alone COMFORTABLY

Content Matrix (REMEMBER THIS)

1. Start with great content that answers a specific question that a viewer has

2. Make the quality of audio and video engaging, up-beat and enjoyable to watch

3. Do this on a consistent basis while creating a tight feedback loop with your community



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