14/8/2021 – Document the process

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting here thinking about what to write, what to film, what content would be valuable to people. A blog, a website, a video, these are all different forms of communication and platforms for distribution. What common aspect transcends all of these factors? Value to the audience. Who is the target audience? What questions are they asking? What specific question are they asking that I have experience in AND can make content for? Shout to THINK MEDIA for this thought process (LINK)

Thinking About Content

  • Talking to a couple of friends and realising that macro-environment trends are big arbitrages for content. For example: during a lockdown the consumption of online content relating to travel videos or apartment make-over or any content that enables the viewer to live vicariously through the video is trending. Then layering that with my experiences in a enjoyable format that people like and then publishing and sharing it.

Content Framework (Early stages)

How I’m thinking about content right now. Content creators provide answers to problems people have AT scale, based on their experience.

Source: I made this

Tools and resources – leveraging problems and solutions that I encountered to help others

I just spent an hour trying to record a presentation with my webcam with good audio. These are struggles I’ve experienced that without a doubt, others will have as well. It is worth sharing what the problem was, how I solved it and show the audience can do it as well. It’s entirely possible to create separate content that answers questions for different audiences.

Creating content funnels for different audiences

Right now I’m thinking about the things I know and people might be potentially asking about. Leveraging the fact that I’m relatively young for making a six-figure salary and sharing what I learnt, how I got there, how they can do it as well, with others could be valuable(?). I’ll call it the six-figure series. For things like tutorials, behind the scenes and day-in the life videos, I can utilise the playlist feature and group content by ‘mindset’, what are people thinking about when they watch these videos. An addition to these, capturing raw footage (no post-edits) and LITERALLY showing what I do in a day.

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