Are you using technology or is technology using you?

Technology has become so integrated in our lives that it is more common to notice that it is missing versus being there. It has become the norm. With the technological revolutions that have happened recently (smart phone, internet infrastructure, etc.) people aren’t sure how to live in harmony with technology. You see it all too often on the streets where people are fixated on their smart phone screen the entire time. This can be seen as a metaphor for ‘sleep walking through life’ but rather it can be seen as the ‘default’. So has the rapid pace of technological innovation benefited society at large or not?

On one hand, you can call your parents or friends from one side of the globe to the other within seconds but on the other hand, you can compulsively check what your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend is doing ALL the time. However, you can find any information about anyone (alive or dead) from the plethora of information via Google or other search engines BUT on the other hand, everything you do lives on the internet forever and its easier than ever to steal valuable information from unsuspecting people. There’s a saying in business, ‘if there is no product, YOU are the product’, this is true for the social media platforms that we use every day.

How long do you spend scrolling mindlessly each day?

The common answer is anywhere between 3-6 hours each day. With lockdowns in Australia, this has become more and more rampant. The brief time when I visit the shops to grab groceries, people are so encapsulated by their devices that most of them don’t even know where they’re walking. This is a serious problem. It can be seen as a metaphor for ‘sleeping walking through life’ as well where you come to a sudden realisation that ‘oh, its the end of the day’ or ‘where did the time go as you blow out the candles on your 40th birthday cake’

So, are you using technology or is technology using you? The choice is yours.

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