Interior re-design of common room pt 1

Start with purpose. What is the purpose of this room re-design? How do I want the room to feel? Is it going to be gaming related, relaxation related? What do I want to do in this room? These are the questions I’m considering.


  • Relaxed, calm and comfortable – consider brighter colours (whites, light greens/blues, grey sort of colours)


  • Little bit of console gaming (include a TV).
  • Smart home and automation (include Apple TV and HomePod mini)
  • To have morning coffee and planning and reading sessions when needed (include a seating mechanism, couch and a lighting solution, consider standing light)
  • Good communal area to entertain friends, have a chat and play some board games/video games (include a coffee table big enough to play board games, leave enough space to move around comfortably)

Layout (the area I have to work with):

The room is a “L” shape which makes it a bit awkward to design for.

Divided the room into 4 main areas:

Note: I’ve included photos of before area to have an idea what the space to work with

Before (5/5/2021)
  1. Entertainment area, includes:
    • TV
    • Apple TV
    • PS5 + VR console + games
    • Nintendo Switch + games
    • HomePod Mini
    • TV Mount + TV Console for storage
  2. Storage, Charging and Beverage area, includes:
    • Storage unit
      • 3×4 open storage solution with tubs for storage clearly labelled
    • Charging station
      • iPhone, Apple Watch, air pods, battery packs
    • Beverages, water,
  3. Seating area, includes:
    • Couch, either L shaped or 2 person seater
    • Coffee table
    • Rug
Draft 1 – height 2.4m
Draft 1 – Layout

Before pictures (5/5/2021):

This is my vision of what the room will look like when finished. Maybe change the couch to beige colour.

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